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Pet friendly holiday

Pet friendly holiday
Pet friendly holiday
Pet friendly holiday
Pet friendly holiday
Pet friendly holiday
Pet friendly holiday
Pet friendly holiday

The dog park

Le Marze wants to make sure even your pets to have a great time, so we made a playground just for them! Behind the Adventure Park you will find a fenced-in garden with" games "and tools for your four legged friends enjoyment.
Pets are welcome, but they and their owners must observe and accept our written rules and the rules of common courtesey and common sense: it is always necessary (even in the forest) to clean up after your pet and enclose everything in a bag and place in the waste bin. Outside of the fenced pet areas, dogs should always be carried on a leash.
Throughout the campground area we have provided doggy waste bins with plastic bag distributers(in case you forget to bring your own). You can see an example in the photo at the entrance to the Dog-Park.
You will also find doggy showers in the White and Yellow restroom areas to wash them off after a day at the beach.

Rules for guests with four-legged friends:
By welcoming our dog owners and wishing them a happy stay, let us point out a few simple rules:
- Dogs must be on a leash at all times the only exception is in te designated fenced off dog park.;
- it is forbidden to leave animals unattended: not being familiar with the environment could cause disturbance to the neighbors;
- the access of four-legged friends is forbidden inside the market, the children's playground, and swimming pool area;
- there are designated shower heads in the bathrooms (White and Yellow Sector) to wash them off; It is strictly forbidden to take them to the showers or bathrooms and in other spaces not expressly dedicated to them.
- inside the campsite there is an area specifically dedicated for animals, where you can play them with the sole duty of keeping them supervised. It is located near the exit of the campsite (Dog Area);
- the Ordinance of the City prohibits the access and transit of your animals to the beach; A special beach is at your disposal about 500 meters to the left of the campsite entrance to Marina di Grosseto (Fuori Rotta Beach).

The Management thanks you for your cooperation and wishes you and your furry friends a happy stay.

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